Delivery and Warranty


After your order is confirmed, your products are prepared for delivery and delivered to the address you have given as soon as possible according to the distance of your address from our warehouse.
For your domestic and international orders; Delivery time of orders you place on public holidays and on weekends is 1-5 days as of the end of the holiday. 
For your overseas orders, our shipments are made with DHL Cargo. Your orders will be delivered to your address within 5 business days at the latest. If the delivery address you have provided is not available, DHL will inform you and ensure its delivery as soon as possible.
In order for us to provide you a better service, we request you to check the products during delivery and in case of any damage (tear, disassembly, contamination and wetting ... etc), we request you to provide the return of the cargo by keeping a report to the cargo officer. Please make sure that you receive the products properly and undamaged.
For all the questions you want to ask, you can reach us on +90 545 33 646 33 or [email protected] You can write via e-mail address.