About De'Mim


De'Mim is an Istanbul based Fashion Manufacturer, works on denim and non-denim apparels ...


Started in the beginning of 2016 as a local business in the city of Denim Fashion Istanbul, with a vision to reach peoples from all over the world.


By the next year in 2017, De'Mim established a good market name in Turkey, through it's main principle which is "never compromise on quality", started to sell to European and North American countries.


An increase in sales meant an increase in production, this led the compnay to expand it's production line to a bigger factory, going from 10 sewing machine to 45, with a goal to produce 600 pieces per day.


We proudly state that our greatest support to brands is the experience of our technical staff on Denim. In this way, we can develop the most difficult fittings in the most accurate way and prepare the most difficult washing designs in the most commercial way.


By using new and innovative technologies in the washing process, De'Mim focuses on sustainability and it's duties towards nature, minimizing the threats of polution to the minimum,  De'Mim to receive a global acknowledge from it's clients, and denim community in general.


Being a brick and mortar shop and online business supplier puts some challenges to the products, in order to satisfy the brands and gives technical consultancy that they need at all times, wether they have a question about the raw material or the services or even choosing the correct fabric, and that is what makes De'Mim a well established supplier.